Nov 9, 2011

Lords Of The Underground - Return Of The Lords (1996) The Remix LP

01.Funky Child (Extended Mix)
02.Check It (RMX)
03.Psycho (Asylum Dub Mix)
04.What I'm After (TV Mix)
05.Flow On (Pete Rock RMX)
06.What's Goin On (Unavaible On LP)
07.Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time (Make It Funky Mix)
08.Faith (Alternative Mix)
09.Chief Rocka (Jazz Underground Mix)
10.Sleep For Dinner (RMX)
11.Funky Child (Underground Mix)
12.Tic Toc (Album Edit Mix)
13.Psycho (12'' Rubber Room Mix)
14.Lords Prayer (RMX)
15.Chief Rocka (Rumblin Mix)
16.Flow On (Rumblin RMX)
17.Chief Rocka (Mixshow DJ Mix)
18.Faith (Original TV Track)


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