Dec 14, 2011

Terminator X & The Godfathers of Threatt - Super Bad (1994)

01. Terminator's Back Feat. Kool DJ Herc
02. Kidds From The Terror Feat. Punk Barbarians
03. Godfather Promo
04. Sticka Feat. Chuck D , Ice Cube , Ice-T , MC Lyte
05. Money Promo
06. It All Comes Down To The Money Feat. Whodini
07. Thumpin's Goin On Feat. Kool DJ Herc
08. Krunchtime Feat. Melquan
09. G'Damn Datt DJ Made My Day Feat. Grandmaster Flash
10. Stylewild '94 Feat. Cold Crush Brothers , Fantastic Five
11. Funky Piano
12. A Side Final Promo
13. Make Room For Thunder Feat. Kool DJ Herc
14. Scary-Us Feat. The Flatliners
15. Learn That Poem
16. Under The Sun Feat. Joe Sinistr
17. 1994 Street Muthafukkas Gong Show
18. Don't Even Go There Feat. Bonnie 'N' Clyde
19. Herc Yardman Word Feat. Kool DJ Herc
20. Mashitup Feat. Prince Collin
21. Say My Brother
22. Put Cha Thang Down Feat. Punk Barbarians
23. Herc's Message Feat. Kool DJ Herc


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