Nov 6, 2011

Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth - Funky Technician (1990)

01. Lord Finesse's Theme Song Intro
02. Baby, You Nasty (New Version)
03. Funky Technician
04. Back To Back Rhyming
05. Here I Come
06. Slave To My Soundwave
07. I Keep The Crowd Listening
08. Bud Mutha
09. Keep It Flowing
10. Lesson To Be Taught
11. Just A Little Something
12. Strictly For The Ladies
13. Track The Movement


Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth - Baby, You Nasty (Instrumental)

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  1. Greetins Zielony..

    Just a small request. Would it be possible to somehow get The Lord Finesse titles on Deposit Files, Rapidgator & 4 Shared. Just a suggestion.

    Even betta wld be to shift all the older titles to the above mentioned sites...!!

    Peace y'all;) Ur site still roxx mate..!!

    Saurabh.Mistry (Jason-X)