Nov 19, 2012

JT Money - Blood Sweat And Years (2001)

01.Blood, Sweat and Years (Intro) 02.War 03.Hi-Lo 04.Spanish Climax (Interlude) 05.Sosa on that Chocha 06.Where My Thugs At - (featuring Lo) 07.Superb**ch 08.What Y'all Ni**az Want? 09.Butsta and Haters 10.Lil' Charlie - (featuring Who You Callin' Country?) 11.Pimpburger (Interlude) - (Interlude) 12.I Like the Way - (featuring Dymond) 13.Ni**az Better Run 14.Father to Son 15.Blood, Sweat and Years (Outro) Listen:!download|387p4|104506699|JT_Money-Blood_Sweat_And_Years-Retail-2001-Recycled_INT.rar|85089|0|0

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