Nov 22, 2012

Public Enemy - Greatest Misses (1992)

01. Tie Goes To The Runner
02. Hit Da Road Jack
03. Gett Off My Back
04. Gotta Do What I Gotta Do
05. Air Hoodlum
06. Hazy Shade Of Criminal
07. Megablast (The Madd Skillz Bass Pipe Gett Off Remixx)
08. Louder Than A Bomb (JMJ Telephone Tap Groove)
09. You're Gonna Get Yours (Reanimated TX Getaway Version)
10. How To Kill A Radio Consultant (The DJ Chuck Chillout Mega Murder Boom)
11. Who Stole the Soul? (Sir Jinx Stolen Souled Out Reparation Mixx)
12. Party For Your Right To Fight (Blak Wax Metromixx)
13. Shut Em Down (Live In The UK)

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