May 5, 2011

The Lady Of Rage - Necessary Roughness (1997)

01. Riot [intro]
02. Necessary Roughness
03. Big Bad Lady
04. Sho Shot
05. No Shorts
06. Get With Da Wickedness, Flow Like That [rmx]
07. Raw Deal
08. Breakdown
09. Rough, Rugged And Raw feat. Snoop Dogg & Dat Nigga Daz
10. Super Supreme
11. Some Shit
12. Microphone Pon Cok feat. Madd 1
13. Get With Da Wickedness, Flow Like That
14. Confessions



  1. one of the illest emcees of all time. male or female. ive said it since day 1. take her against ANY emcee & she's got they ass!!!

  2. one of the best EMCEES ever...thing is rapidshare is not allowing me to download this album...damn