Apr 15, 2011

Suga Free & Mausberg Present The Konnectid Project vol.1 (2000)

01. In My Face (feat. Xzibit, Hi-C)
02. Ain't No Doubt (feat. Mausberg, Playa Hamm)
03. The Re-birth (feat. Mausberg, Kam)
04. Finally (feat. G.P.)
05. Whistle (feat. Suga Free)
06. I Wanna See (feat. DJ Quik, Hi-C)
07. Hotel Motel (feat. Suga Free, DJ Quik, Madd Nation)
08. Pimpin' (feat. DJ Quik, Suga Free, Playa Hamm, James DeBarge, Double M)
09. Shut Up (feat. Mausberg)
10. Don't Walk Away (feat. DJ Quik, Suga Free)
11. Mama (feat. G.P.)
12. If It Ain't Broke (feat. Suga Free, Mausberg)
13. I Can't Believe (feat. Madd Nation)
14. Gone (feat. Suga Free)
15. Livin' In Da Game (feat.Mausberg, Squeek)


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  1. can u upload this to another server please!!!!!!!