Jan 9, 2013

Philadelphia's 100X Posse – Rare & Unreleased (1992 – 1996)

1. Intro (Sihn, Nickybutters)
2. Beyond The Door (Alternate Street Version) (Mal Blak, Lex Ruger, Mustafo)
3. Redeyez Remix (Mal Blak)
4. Commercial #1 (Mal Blak, Lex Ruger)
5. Whom Shall I Fear? (Original) (Bad Newz, Mal Blak)
6. 215 (Lamar Supreme, Mal Blak, Black Thought, Lex Ruger)
7. Death To The Radio (Lamar Supreme, Mustafo, Bad Newz)
8. War Against The Surface (Mal Blak, Mustafo)
9. Underground Walls (Lex Ruger)
10. Flowers In The Attic (Bad Newz)
11. Waterfall Of Fire (Lamar Supreme)
12. Commercial #2 (Black The Rippa, Mustafo)
13. Deadly Cemetery (Mustafo)
14. Philly Niggas International (Black Thought, Malik B, Mustafo, Bad Newz, Lex Ruger, Lamar Supreme)
15. New Day, New Flow (Lamar Supreme, G-Masica)
16. Pass The Buck (Mal Blak)
17. Commercial #3 (Mal Blak)
18. They Call Me Lex Ruger (Lex Ruger)
19. Mental Pandemonium (Mustafo,Lex Ruger)
20. Universal Soldier (Lamar Supreme)
21. The Pain (Lex Ruger, Mal Blak, Mustafo)
22. Beyond The Door (Radio Version) (Bad Newz, Lamar Supreme)
23. Acid Rain (Lamar Supreme)
24. Who Fucked Up The Pack Money? (Mustafo, Are Em, Lex Ruger)
25. Outro (Sihn, Mustafo)


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  2. Yo Zielony, I'm glad dat u finally put dis up...

    The Zipped file has 3 folders & together should hold bout 40 trax...

    Tis all good newayz,..... Peace y'all;)

    Try puttin sum Mic Geronimo & Streetlife..



  3. Greetins Moook.. Neat linx....

    Keep the Legend of Hip Hop LIVE!!

    Stay Konnekted....