Dec 22, 2011

Mel-Low - It's A B.G. Thang (Life Of A Youngster) (1995)

01. B.G. Thang (Remix) (Feat. LV)
02. No Love
03. In The Hood (Feat. Veronica Tucker)
04. Life Of A Youngster (Feat. Aurelia)
05. Money, Houses and Clothes (Feat. Prodeje and LV)
06. Blaze It Up (Feat. Lorenzo ‘Big Daddy Ran’ Brown, Redman, Rockwilder)
07. Liquor Store
08. My City
09. Make It Through Another Day (Feat. LV)
10. B.G. Thang
11. The Day I Die (Feat. Redman and Rockwilder)
12. Lord Have Mercy (Feat. Aurelia and LV)


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  1. Merry Christmas, appreciate all these albums, found some shit i slept on. have a good weekend may god be with you.