Mar 25, 2011

Main One - Birth of The Ghetto Child (1995)

02.Birth Of The Ghetto Child
03.Pauze 2 Da Drama
04.Big Shot On The Block
05.Check Da Skillz
06.4 My Shorties
07.Learn 2 Be A Man 4 Self
08.Don't Sing It...Bring It! (Featuring Red Hot Lover Tone & A.J.)
09.Like Father, Like Son
10.Getting Money (Skit)
11.Life Or Death
12.Straight Drama (Featuring Big Jam)
13.Survival (Skit)
14.Whip Appeal
15.Nigguz Ain't Got It
16.El Gran Combo (Featuring Fatal, Fat Joe, Prince, Kurious & Powerule)
17.Know My Style
18.Check The Resume


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