Feb 19, 2013

Edo. G & Da Bulldogs - Life of A Kid In The Ghetto (Demos and Rarities)

01.I Got To Have It (Original Demo Version)
02.I'm Different (Original Demo Version)
03.Feel Like A Nut (Original Demo Version)
04.She Said It Was Great (Original Demo Version)
05.Be A Father To Your Child (Interlude)
06.Do What I Wanna Do
07.Brand New Style
08.Me and Your Girl
09.Punk Like You
10.Can Ya Feel It
11.Punk Like You #2
12.I Love My Brother
13.A Nigga You Can't Fuck With Feat. Scientifik, Herb & Smit
14.Funky Style
15.How It's Supposed To Be Feat. Krs-One
16.Fight With Your Words
17.Stay Funky
18.You Got That
19.Stay Funky #2
20.What Up
21.Me and Your Girl #2
22.Check Out The Beat
23.I Don't Play Around
24.Why It Gotta Be Like That
25.You Got Dat
26.Why It Gotta Be Like That #2
27.Bed Partner
28.Call Me Conceited

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